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Iris RAQUIN - Painter

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At Nice on the French Riviera, the artist painter Raquin develops her painting talent.

Raquin was born in the heart of the "Bourbonnais", an old French province, where her father, Eugène Raquin, owns a lime-kiln industry assisted by her mother, Hélène, whose maiden name is Perrier.

A rather lonely child, fond of nature and animal life. She, instantly, falls in love with rivers and ponds when, in a small rowing boat, she accompanies her father at fishing parties.

At eight years old, she starts sketching the ones she is close to. At twelve, she paints, in the middle of the forest, ponds and marshlands which will become one of her great passions.

Each year since childhood, she spends part of the summertime by the seaside with her family who notices that the vivifying ocean air is particularly good for her. Thus explaining why she lived the best part of her youth facing the sea, lonely, in the mists of the Atlantic.

Some have described her as "the painter of the aqueous atmosphere" or as the artist who is setting the expression of her talent at the confluence of the earth, the water and the air; however, her painting shows an extreme sensibility...
... Raquin is part of the phalanx of French artists who -for our pleasure-have the merit of originating from the "Bourbonnais", and thence fore she can be ranked among the professional painters who are the glory of our Province.
"Les Cahiers Bourbonnais"
« Je n'ai pas peur de la mort. J'ai peur de la mort des autres
Elle me tue. »
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